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Djeco Toys

Founded in 1954 by Véronique Michel-Dalès, Paris-based Djeco is known for its colorful and creative designs that inspire play and learning. From whimsical jigsaw puzzles to heirloom-inspired musical instruments, their timeless toys are beloved by children, parents, and educators alike for their visual appeal and innovative approach to play. Our go-to for first birthday gifts are the animambo instruments and craft kits. 

Rainstick by Djeco Toys
Animambo Bird Whistle by Djeco Toys
Animambo Kazoo Musical Instrument by Djeco Toys
Wooden Drum by Djeco Toys
Wooden Drum
Animambo Harmonica by Djeco Toys
Animambo Castanet by Djeco Toys
The Flower Garden Craft Kit by Djeco Toys
Paper Bugs Paper Creation by Djeco Toys
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