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Yiayia and Friends

A reimagining of traditional Greek pantry products, Yiayia and Friends commemorates the art of growing, cooking, and sharing food alongside those closest to you. The brand shares stories based around Yiayia, or "granny" in Greek and is known for producing high-quality cold pressed, extra virgin olive oils from Crete. The perfect gift for a housewarming, birthday, or any other celebration, they offer beautifully branded infused olive oil in fun flavors like lemon, basil, and black truffle. We love the personification of packaging aka the illustrative eyes on their olive oil bottles. Once depleted, refill it with your own oil and display this bottle on your shelf for a touch of quirk. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Chili) by Yiayia and Friends
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Black Truffle) by Yiayia and Friends
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