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The Down and Dirty Guide to Camping with Kids: How to Plan Memorable Family Adventures and Connect Kids to Nature

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2024 NAPPA Award winner

The revised and updated edition of the bestselling guidebook that equips parents with all the confidence they need to embark on and enjoy the ultimate outdoor activity with their kids: camping.

Written by a seasoned camper, adventurer, and  mother of three, this book is a practical, irreverent introductory guide to all things camping.

Helen Olsson writes from a parent’s point of view, giving readers a clear plan—and plenty of encouragement—for an enjoyable family camping experience. Whether you’re planning a simple outing, a multiday trek with babies or teens, or camping with several families, 
Down and Dirty has you covered. 

Each chapter features helpful checklists, including “Little Tykes” lists dedicated to items for babies and toddlers. The book focuses on car camping but nods to alternate ways to camp: backpacking, pull-behind campers, canoe/kayak trips, hut camping, and trips with pack animals.

The second edition is updated to reflect the latest products, outdoor etiquette, and lifestyles. You’ll have guidance on: 

  • choosing a destination 
  • packing gear and food
  • setting up the campsite
  • planning menus
  • and staying safe

This timeless camping resource addresses the myriad unique needs and concerns of parents and children.

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