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Housewarming Gifts

From candles to ceramics to art books, the best housewarming gifts are the ones that are equal parts practical and aesthetically pleasing. 

Need a fun housewarming gift idea? Use one of our color crates as a gift basket and pack it full of goodies for the new house (plus, storage crates and bins will help the new homeowners organize basically anything AND everything). You can fill with cozy socks, ceramic goodies like pretty cereal bowls, coffee tumblers, or delicate ring bowls. Don’t forget the most classic of new home gifts: candles. It’s always nice to have candles on hand; they make a nice, bright impression when hosting! Pair your gift crate with a gorgeous bouquet from a local florist.

Metal Vase w/ Handles
Fantôme Hand Wash
Petalia Hand Wash
Moroccan Cone Glasswear (Blue)
Stoneware Vase with Wax Relief Dots (Black/Cream)
Hand Painted Striped Stoneware Pitcher (Green/White)
Polka Dot Vase w/ Handles
Large Polka Dot Bowl
Stoneware Vase w/ Handles
Fringed Cotton/Linen Tea Towel Set
Stripe Cotton Tea Towel (Various)
Classic Taper Candles (Salmon)
Classic Taper Candles (Seafoam)
Classic Taper Candles (Heather)
Classic Taper Candles (Sunflower)
Classic Taper Candles (Poppy)
Candle Care Tool Kit
Colorful Stemmed Wine Glasses (Various)
Colorful Drinking Glasses (Various)
Drinking Glass (Blush)
Large Polka Dot Bowl (Green)
Hand Painted Striped Stoneware Pitcher (Blue/White)
Toppu Bowl (Clay)
Toppu Mini Bowl (Clay)
Toppu Mini Bowl (Dusty Blue/Choko)
Toppu Mini Bowl (Black/White)
Toppu Large Tray (Clay)
Toppu Tray (Clay)
Toppu Tray (Caramel)
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