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Everyday Oil (Warm Feelings)

Product Details
A new scent for everyone's favorite, Everyday Oil. This unisex whole body oil is a blend of organic cold-pressed plant oils and steam-distilled essential oils that are cleansing, hydrating + balancing.  Can be used on the face, body + hair (aka everywhere). With a fragrant blend of Bergamot (FCF), Blood Orange and Patchouli this oil is calming, moisturizing and healing. Warm Feelings is a citrus-forward scent, that is lighter than the original Mainstay.


Product Details:

  • Comes in two sizes: 2oz or 8oz
  • Made in Black Mountain, NC
  • Certified Organic and Microbiome-Friendly ingredients
  • Organic plant oils with organic and wild-harvested essential oils of Bergamot (FCF), Blood Orange and Patchouli

Brand Description:

Using the absolute best organic and wild-harvested botanical oils, Everyday Oil is uniquely balancing, hydrating, cleansing and nourishing.  One little bottle of goodness for all of your needs. Made by a small team in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

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