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Spring Break

Warmer Days Ahead  
  All of our new Spring items have been arriving at the shop over the past couple of weeks - just in time for Spring Break! Here are a few of our essentials if you're headed towards warmer climes... (or come spend it with us in rainy Oregon...we'll be here!!)   
First Things First, Get Organized.
Sometimes it feels like getting out the door is half the battle. Get yourself packed and organized efficiently with all the Baggu accessories. You know we cannot recommend them highly enough - plus they're washable!
Be Prepared!
If you live in the PNW, you know exactly what the sun can do to your vitamin D deprived skin. And no one wants to turn into a lobster their first day vacation (spoken from experience). Here are a few of our sunny day favorites:
Dress The Part.
We're always looking for an occasion to dress for. Whether that is a chic travel set or a night out, we love a new outfit! We just received these fun new sets and dresses from LA based Simon Miller and Toit Voilant.
Accessorize always!
In my mind, vacation means fun jewelry, and we just received a few great statement pieces which will be great for now and later.
We love these excellent crocheted raffia bags, a bucket hat moment and any of our current sunglasses for an instant sunny hit.
Come see us soon to try on all the sunshine, we'll be here! xx
Corissa Santos
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