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Lego Storage Anyone?

Big Kids Only.
A focus this week on how to add pops of color to a kid's room, how we organize our LEGO at home (and the best Lego swap shop in town) AND what we have in store right now for the bigger kids in your life!
*Or yours? 
We love a stripe and throw we can use again and again in different rooms in the house. 
This is my son's room (who is 9) and we added pops of color with these throw pillows (which would work on the bed, a sofa, or outdoor seating).  We love this multicolor throw and will often bring it to the sofa to snuggle under for movie night. 
Next to the bed is a bink bottle - both my kids have these and this Arnold Circus Stool.
Finn's bed is an IKEA hack - we painted it blue and added a little shelf, perfect!
We have so many crates in store right now offered in all the colors and sizes (and some online too).
I organise all the Lego, fidgets and things in ours and they work!
If you've ever stepped on LEGO you can relate to this meme. A photo of Finn last summer heading to the best Lego swap shop in NE Portland that if you don't know about you should (he's trading out old Lego for new in his Yo tote bag of course!)
Toys For Ages 6+
I love the open ended play with Magna Tiles - probably the only toy my kids play together calmly with! We bought Finn his first set at 2 years old, and we keep adding on. 
So many books as always and for the panda obsessed, the Panda stuffies!
Clothing For Ages 6+
Yes we do have bigger sizes! Click on the links below for 6 plus (only up to 10 years though!) We have a lot of the OXOX styles  up to 10 years which is a favorite in our home.
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