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The Essentials (Wine Tools)

Product Details

Discover the essential kit for perfecting your wine experience - a refined toolbox in an elegant book-like box that makes the perfect going-away gift. Inside, you'll find an opener, stopper, pourer, and collar, each serving as essential tools in wine appreciation.

Product Details:

  • Stainless steel and dishwasher safe
  • Included in this set:
    • Opener - To effortlessly uncork your favorite wines
    • Stopper - Preserve the quality and flavors of your wine with ease
    • Pourer - Pour wine smoothly and avoid spills
    • Collar - Prevent drips and stains while pouring

About Printworks:

Printworks is known for its functional everyday products with sustainability in mind. The packaging is an integral part of the product; designed well so that it also looks good as interior detail. Printworks belief is that if a game is more reachable at home, it would be used more often and bring people together!

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