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Cool, Cosmic Tattoo (Stars and Planets)

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From tiny meteors to giant galaxies, this collection of 50 fun and educational Tattoos That Teach features awesome artwork and fascinating facts about outer space.

Explore the wonders of the universe with cosmic temporary tattoos, including planets, all the phases of the Moon, a solar eclipse, a rocket, an astronaut, comets, meteors, constellations (Draco, Pegasus, and more), and dozens of shining stars. 50 colorfully illustrated temporary tattoos—plus 40 bonus star tattoos—are easy to apply with just a little water and are accompanied by amazing scientific facts about outer space. Did you know that Saturn’s beautiful rings are made from chunks of ice and rock whizzing around the giant planet? Or that the Sun is so huge that more than a million Earths could fit inside it? A fun science lesson with an activity mixed in, these temporary tattoos are perfect to wear and share.

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