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Unicorns make everything better. These bravery superstars are like bandage badges of honor with three magical patterns that help adventurers wear bumps and cuts with pride. Just what you need to get up and running again.

Product Details:

  • 48 count flex fabric bandages
  • 2 kid-friendly sizes
  • 3 unique patterns to help you wear your bumps and cuts with pride
  • Sealed on all 4 sides to protect from germs and dirt
  • Tin container that's reusable and recyclable

    About Welly:

    Welly launched in 2019 and has since been on a mission to support the communities where we live, work and play. Their goal is to offer better products, leave communities better than before, and be better than what we've been offered for 100 years. Welly is proud to be B Corp certified, for a better way to feel better.

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