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A tan long sleeve t-shirt with a star on front. Snaps at the shoulder for easy changing and dressing your little ones !

Sustainably made in Spain.


100% Organic Cotton.

Concept Behind the Collection:

We Cosmos

To all you adults who love rising walls, building barriers and drawing frontiers: our houses might be small, but the Universe is our home. The sky is a flag we can all relate to. Can you see those stars over there? That’s you and me. We? Cosmos! Let’s twinkle!

Bobo Choses’ Autumn/Winter 2019-20 collection looks at the story of Benny Benson, the 13-year-old Chignik boy who entered a contest for designing the flag for the Territory of Alaska in 1927. He looked to the sky for inspiration, choosing the familiar constellation he looked for every night before going to sleep at the orphanage. Benny’s design was chosen over 700 other submissions to represent the future of the Alaska Territory to the present days.

Like Benny did once, we also looked up to the sky to discover that there’s a flag that links to all of us, the Universe.

Dedicated to all those kids who know we are all made of stars.

Bobo Choses + Sustainability:

Bobo Choses is one of the fashion brands participating in ECAP (European Clothing Action Brand), a project that focuses on the clothing supply chain specifically to reduce waste and to bring about effective waste recovery. They cooperate with Made by, the label of sustainably produced fashion, on their way towards achieving the collective environmental reduction targets.
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