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Silver Space Skirt

Product Details

Fun, metallic skirt from NYC brand UZI. Features an elasticated waist for easy dressing.

Product Details:

  • Unisex
  • Sewn in Brooklyn
  • 100% Nylon with slight wrinkle effect
  • Loose fit, full length skirt
  • Slip on, elasticated waist
  • Sizing
    • Small (Length 33.5", Width at hip 38", Waist 23"-30")
    • Medium (Length 35", Width at hip 39", Waist 24.5"-33")
    • Large (Length 36", Width at hip 40", Waist 26"-35")

To ensure the longevity and continued quality of your garment, please follow the following instructions

  • Hand wash only with cold water and avoid machine washing
  • Use a mild detergent: opt for gentle, non-bleach detergent to prevent any damage to the fabric
  • Do not wring or twist garment as this can cause deformation or damage
  • After washing, gently squeeze out excess water without twisting
  • Hang dry to maintain the shape and quality of the garment
  • Hang dry in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight
  • Avoid using a tumble dryer as this can shrink or warp the fabric
  • Do not dry clean



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