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Happy French Gang



Indigo jumpsuit with stripes made with an ancient technique called mud-resist. Made from homespun, handwoven 100% cotton.  

Beachy, fresh, modern and sooo comfortable. Happy French Gang stick with their values focusing on color and texture with a sustainable product. 

Offered in Small/Medium only:

Measures 42" around waist,  measures 41" in length from underarm to hem. 

PROCESS: Somnath is the artisan from West Bengal who hand spun and weave this cotton fabric. The jumpsuits are dyed, cut and sewn in Rajasthan where we met a happy cooperative during our last trip to India. The manager started this cooperative 4 years ago to provide jobs to the women around so they could send their kids at school. The check fabric is made with ancient technique called mud-resist.


MEET THE MAKER - Happy French Gang:

When I was a kid my mum made some jumpsuits for me. At least one pink and one black with some cute prints on them. I remember that they were SO comfy and that I was feeling cool and confident when I wore them. I found that super soft and heavy linen and decided to make one just to feel how it is again... Not disappointed at all, I feel all the powers, plus I get extra compliments for the cool shape and color! 


CARE: The indigo might bleed for the first few washes so we recommend you to wash it separately or with your jeans!