The cutest clear rain boots with laces that cinch the top of the boot. Sustainably made in Spain by Bobo Choses.

Material: 100% PVC

Each purchase comes with a petit collectable book that tells the story behind the collection.

Story Behind the Collection:

“What would we do if bees were to disappear? These little insects provide the food we all
eat one way or another. But honey bees are disappearing globally at an alarming rate.
Looking after the bees means looking after ourselves. And the best way to do it is by
planting a garden. It doesn’t matter how small it is. e bees will make sure it grows.”

Bobo Chose’s new Spring Summer 2019 collection To Make a Garden, is a call for saving the bees by planting gardens everywhere, every time. Countryside inspired loose shapes and carefully selected colors go along with fun prints: apples and pears; smiling cherries; Paul McCartney’s dog; Mr Pomme de Terre, colorful poppy prairies and many more! Make the bees happy. Never stop planting. Have fun!

Picture a family that travels around the world planting gardens to make the bees happy.
They look on the map for the cities with no green and they go there. Any place is good
for a garden… The illustrated book To Make a Garden is Bobo Chose’s eighth release, and it was the source of inspiration and starting point for Spring Summer ‘19.

Bobo Choses + Sustainability:

Bobo Choses is one of the fashion brands participating in ECAP (European Clothing Action Brand), a project that focuses on the clothing supply chain specifically to reduce waste and to bring about effective waste recovery. They cooperate with Made by, the label of sustainably produced fashion, on our way towards achieving the collective environmental reduction targets.
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