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The Rainbow Twins Mini Blanket was designed by Melbourne based textile designer Claire Ritchie. Like its bigger cousin The Perry Throw, the Rainbow Twins Mini Blanket features bold, vibrant colors in a design that radiates positivity.

Slowdown Studio Mini Blankets are proudly knitted in the USA using a high quality and environmentally friendly recycled cotton blend. The blend consists of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, which makes our blankets really soft and avoids pilling or bleeding, so you can enjoy them for years to come.

They measure 30" x 40" (76cm x 102cm). Perfect size for a baby/infant or a very spoiled pet!

Why recycled cotton?

Every day, the fashion industry produces tons of cotton scraps that goes to waste. Thankfully, there are companies who recycle these scraps by respinning them into yarns, which means less cotton is planted each year, landfill is reduced, and the corresponding additional pollutants - pesticides, fertilizers, and associated fuel - are eliminated from the supply chain. In order to add softness, strength, and performance, the recycled cotton yarns are blended with polyester.


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