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Lip balm formulated with ingredients of natural origin and with SPF15 sun protection.

Sunflower oil (Helianthus annuus) provides a high emollient power, protects, softens and hydrates the lips against excess dryness, cold, wind and sun. Thanks to its SPF15 it is particularly suitable for protecting your lips from sun exposure.

New formula 100% from very Mediterranean natural ingredients.

First produced in Spain in 1880 by a local pharmacist for the treatment of the dry and cracked lips of orange pickers. Packed with a hit of menthol and a whiff of citrus, produced without preservatives and emulsifiers, it’s a new profile in your lip balm collection. Five generations later, it is still produced in Castellón.

Suavina is made from 100% natural essential oils, and is free from preservatives and emulsifiers.

 10 ml jar. Made in Spain.

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